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The word ‘Sfard’ is derived from Latin, and is the self-given name of the ethnic group thought to be the very first users of the coin. From Li Xiao Lai, a well-known Bitcoin angel investor, and the merging of two industry leaders Gridseed and WiiBox, comes SFARDS. From the beginning, we have received venture capital from a tier-one VC firm Matrix Partners China, China’s first crypto currency mining company to receive this kind of funding.

SFARDS’ leadership is composed of several senior figures in the microchip design, consumer electronics, internet commerce and capital management fields. They bring to the organization a global perspective and strong understanding of strategic planning and execution. While integrating the Gridseed and Wiibox teams, we also sourced talent from outside the merger, and were able to form a cutting edge microchip research outfit. On top of this, we have hardware, software and international project management teams all working together to form a sturdy operational foundation. We succeeded in creating a company that is built to excel in the digital currency mining industry from all angles.

Products & Services
ASIC Chips
Members of the SFARDS team were responsible for designing and mass-producing the world’s first bitcoin mining chip. The team also built the world’s first dual-miner, a chip that is able to use both mining methods (SHA-256 & Scrypt) to mine bitcoin and litecoin simultaneously, the GC3355. Today, SFARDS team is focusing on researching the ASICs to higher hash rate and lower power consumption.
Mining Manufacturing Research
SFARDS has over 10 specialists focusing on the design and manufacturing of mining hardware, embedded software and the operational efficiency of the supply chain. We are currently researching structural design, heat generation solutions, and seamless hardware deployment among other aspects of the industry. With a series of high performance mining equipment and the fastest to-market devices, we allow our fellow miners to enjoy the newest technology as soon as possible.
Bitstellar Mining Management Platform
SFARDS inherited Gridseed and WiiBox’s 3 generations of chip development and a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding data center planning, deployment and management.We use the world’s most widely utilized and efficient mining equipment management software ‘WiiBox’ to simplistically and seamlessly manage a large number of mining machines. The latest Bitstellar mining management platform, which can completely to satisfy the requirements of individual miners, cloud mining and remote control, to make mining more easier.
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