In Crypto currency mining history, there used to be a unique type of sha-256 and scrypt dual-mode miner, which are famous Gridseed 5-chip USB miner and G-Blade miner.  The dual-mode miners accomplished huge success in 2014. Even now, there are still quite a lot of 5-chip USB miners and G-Blades running all over the world.

With the experience of developing dual-mode chip and miner manufacturing  succeeded from Gridseed, Sfards Technology has successfully developed and produced the first FD-SOI 28nm SHA-256 (Bitcoin) and Scrypt ( Litecoin ) dual-mode mining chip SF3301, in massive scale. After more than one month evaluating, prototyping, and extreme-condition pressure testing, the first 28nm dual-mode miner, SF100, is about to be produced massively.


SF100 dual-mode miner has 24 SF3301 chips, with the running modes as following:

1.     Dual mining mode, Bitcoin hashing power 1700 GHS + Litecoin hashing power 47 MHS, the power consumption at wall of whole miner is 960W.

2.     Bitcoin single mining mode: Hashing power 1700 GHS, power consumption 770W.

3.     Litecoin single mining mode: Hashing power 47 MHS, power consumption 180W.

With 0.45W/GHS + 3.8W/MHS, the power efficiency of SF100 is by far the best in the market. It is also possible to overclock to certain extent (Sha-256: 2T, Scrypt: 55M).


The unique ability of dual-mode mining makes SF100 the best choice of mining community. It offers more choices to dig potentials not only of bitcoin, but also of litecoin and other altcoins. For fiat currency investors, dual-mode is good for them because SF100 maximizes their profits; for bitcoin“fundamentalists”, it’s also preferable since the altcoin revenue helps them to cover the power cost of mining bitcoin.


Based on recent bitcoin and litecoin price, a dual-mode SF100’s revenue equals to a 2.8-3.2T pure bitcoin miner, which makes it 0.3-0.34W/GHS power efficiency. (Take June 19th price for instance, one SF100 generates 4.2 USD from bitcoin and 3.8 USD from Litecoin, in total 8 USD per day).


Sfards Technology will be selling SF100 to public on July, the first batch quantity is limited. The SF3301 chip will be available for sale on August.


If you are interested at our products, please send email to 

Results of“Speaking IMHO”- The Best Miner is…Contest

Gentlemen and gentlemen, thank you so so so much for your enthusiastic participation and brilliant inspiration!

It is a little pity that in the second day of the contest, the thread was moved to a “Right”section. Many of you don't even have the chance to see it, not to mention bringing any great ideas.

But we still inspired by many amazing ideas over hundreds replies!

In the process of selecting awards, you know your wonderful thoughts brought us a fierce debate. It was a tough call. Ladies from marketing loved the strange and creative ideas, which might represents future Miner and potential of Mining industry. R&D team of course paid more attention to technical feasibility and practicability. After several rounds of deadlock, we finally selected the following 3 awards. Applauds to the winners!


1.The Most Creative Answer Reward:  1 BTC

Winner:   OgNasty        Floor No. 33#

Value: “Lava Lamp”, as soon as this idea appeared, it won our marketing girls’ hearts. Which also got positive professional comments from R&D team. Make use of the heat coming from dual mining of SF3301, it might be melting the waxes in the Lava Lamp!



2.The Most “Controversial” Design Award:  100 LTC

Winner:   erre        Floor No. 39#

Value:  This is really a controversial and inspirational idea, numerous replies prove it. The possibility to implement is another controversial topic.



3.The Most Market Appealing Design Award:  100 LTC

Winner:   J4bberwock        Floor No. 11#

Value: Winner understands the BTC Mining industry; and amazingly has strong knowledge of software and hardware technology. 


In order to express thanks to all of your participation, we also selected a critic’s award each day from 12th May to 17th May. Since the thread was moved, we didn’t get as much as expected, but we will still offer the trophy as we promised, congratulations to the lucky guys!


Critics Award List:        Trophy: 10 LTC

Winner:                   Floor No.                     Date

RadekG                    50#                          12th May

notlist3d                   70#                          13th May

RadekG                    77#                          14th May

diodio1                    85#                          15th May

erre                       93#                          16th May

erre                       101#                         17th May




General Award list:             Trophy: 1000 Dogecoins





















Testing Crypto






In addition, we also got the result of Contest 2: Joining In Facebook. Same congratulations to the following three winners:


1.    Most “liked”reply         Trophy: 100 LTC

Winner:    Sebastian Pająk                 Liked:  42


2.    Second “liked”reply              Trophy: 50 LTC

Winner:    Priyatama Mitrajati              Liked:  39



3.    Third “liked”reply                Trophy: 20 LTC

Winner:    Priyatama Mitrajati              Liked:  21



General award list:            Trophy: 1000 Dogecoins         


Achmad Afandi

Alexander Riku

Dheddy Il Capitano

Hery Luiz Nazario

József Bertus

Oki Meilisyanto

Ozora Najwa Alvaro

Priyatama Mitrajati

Radek Gronský

Rocker Anfield

Sebastian Pająk

Tadej Brunšek


Please note some guys in the above list haven’t leave their Dogecoin add yet, please remember to do it.


Sfards reserves the rights to interpret the above statement.


Please Note:  Since server problems haven't been sloved, all awards will not be presented until we finish final checking with address information on it. We will do as soon as the system recovery for sure. Thank you for your kindly understanding.

Contest's Result Delay

Hi guys, there are some server problems in Bitcointalk system, it leads to our contest process delay passively since we need to do final checking with address information. We regret to anounce that the date  of presenting the results and trophy has to change. After the systems recovery, the results and trophy will be published on Monday (25th May). Thank you for your understanding.


SF3301, latest 28nm chip, low power consumption, dual-mining ability, which gives future miner more exciting feature, brings infinite possibility to industry.
Aside traditional steel box-style miner product, we are looking for all different designs of miner product. We eagerly hope you join us and show your imagination!
Such as:
“ I am a practial investor, my ideal miner has low power consumption, big mining ability……”, good!
“I am passionate in my life, the miner I am looking for is a magic machine which can be used to keep pets, grow flowers, feed my cat and dog…a all-in-one home appliance machine……”, cool!
“I am not a rule-follower, I prefer a miner flush……”, awesome!
“ I wanna a miner drone, even a miner rocket……”, excellent!

Contest 1: Post Your Idea In Thread on Bitcointalk
Contest Time: May 11th – 17th  12:00 pm, time
All participants can reply under this thread, using text or picture to describe the best design of the ideal miner in your heart, one sentence description is OK, but the more details, the better. One ID can join more than one time, each post shall be more than 20 words, repetitve post are not valid, copying from other people’s idea are not valid.
Please leave your DogeCoin Address in your reply, and if you are lucky enough to get our Floor Award, please leave your Litecoin Address too.
1.General Award:
 Each participant will get 1000 Dogecoin.
2.Winner: ( We will choose the following winners from all participants)
The most creative answer reward: 1 BTC
The most “controversial” design award: 100 LTC
The most market appealing design award: 100 LTC
All the results will be published within a week after the contest ended and the rewards will be sent together.
Sfards reserves the rights to interpret the terms of this contest.

Contest 2: Joining In Facebook
Contest Time: May 11th – 17th  12:00 pm, GMT+8 (Beijing Time)
Follow Sfards’ Facebook account , share the thread of this contest, describe the ideal miner design in your heart and @sfards. Each facebook account can only participate once, description shall be more than 10 words, copying from others’ ideas is invalid.
Please leave your DogeCoin and LTC Address
1.General Award :
 Each participant will get 1000 DogeCoin
2.Most Popular Award:
The idea you posted gets the most “like” will get 100 LTC, second will get 50 LTC, third will get 20 LTC.
All the results will be published within a week after the contest ended and the rewards will be sent together.
Sfards reserves the rights to interpret the terms of this contest.