SFARDS is now selling a few SF3301 development boards and sample chips to developers who wish to customize and build their own hardware.



Sales Information:
Sample chip: 200 USD per pack, include two chips (exclude shipping)
Development board set: 400 USD (exclude shipping)
Shipping info: Within 48 hours after full payment (Payment by Bitcoin or USD)
For more questions such as place order or large scale orders, please email sales@sfards.com or add our skype:sfardsservice.

Sample chip
More details about SF3301 chips, please kindly find the datasheet.
Development board set (includes one dev board, two power supply boards, radiator and fan)

Main Board
SF3301 : 1 chip
Heats ink : heatsink & 12mmx12mm fan
FBB Voltage : +/- 0~1.0V
Communication Interface : RS232 / TTL

Power Supply Board
Output Voltage Range : 0.5~1.6V
Voltage Step:6.25mV
Max Current : 120A